Adopt a cat image

If you are interested in adopting a cat, you can contact us anytime by the contact form on this website or through Facebook (allehadoc). Then we can make an appointment with you, so you can come along to see the cats. The costs incurred for the adoption of a cat amounts Fl. 50.00.


Virtual cat adoption


You can adopt one of our older cats virtual. Then you pay some or all costs for the cat you adopt, while the cat remains living with us. These cats are ever received by us as a foundling, or caught as abandoned cat. They are already mature and therefore not really more adoptable. Most people want a kitten. Some of these cats are already more than 5 years with us. Some of them live outside, but some cats don't like it outside and prefer to stay inside.

To help us take care of these dear ones you can adopt one virtual.  You can choose the virtual adoption of an indoor cat or an outdoor cat.


We have several options, with the following month amounts:

- Only the fungicidal (worming and flea control) 10 Naf. / 4 Euro

- Food/ Nutrition Only 25 Naf. / 10 Euro

- Annual vaccination 5 Naf. / 2 Euro

- Full care outdoor cat 40 Naf. /16 Euro